Markella Patounas – School Uniforms; Why?

Let’s face it – uniforms are utterly useless.

They restrict movement and generally feel uncomfortable. You cannot lift up your arms to reach something without showing some skin. The skirts are difficult to sit comfortably in, you have to assure yourself that nobody can see up your skirt. Even then, breaking in those new leather shoes you’ll need to buy every year or two is half an hour or more of fitting, and deciding which shoe fits your foot shape best is a tiring task. They scuff badly, and having to repolish them and make sure they’re still intact for school wear and standards is a difficult duty.

The uniforms are expensive. If you’re prepared to do washing every night, you’ll only need one shirt and a skirt. However, if your daily activities prevent you from gathering the energy to hang those clothes up on the line and retrieve them for wear in the morning, you’ll need to spend a lot of money on button-down shirts and some skirts for weekday usage.

In hot weather, the skirts really speak to me on an emotional level. We can all agree that if our thighs brush together, you can expect sweat forming where the skin touches. I know somebody who got second degree burns due to the extreme heat in Australia and being forced to wear a skirt around school the entire day. You may argue that she could have worn bike pants, but those make everything hotter. So, not a good idea.

In addition the shirt brings its’ own disadvantages. Comfortable bras rarely come in beige or white colours. The majority of supportive sports bras are available in fluorescent or bright colours. As the material of the white uniform top is very thin, people who require supportive bras are disadvantaged when teachers admonish them for wearing colourful bras. It’s not through choice – it’s through nature!

The hats are expensive. They can be easily left behind in public transport, and may be difficult to locate, adding to addition expense. Adding to disadvantages, the inability to fold the hat for convenient storage in school bags just doesn’t make sense. The people who have their hair up high are unable to securely fasten the hat to their head. What’s the point if the hat keeps falling off your head?

The blazers when worn on their own in the winter and autumn seasons do not provide sufficient warmth. Feeling cold leads to inability to concentrate on school tasks. Conversely, as per school rules, when the jumper is worn with the blazer this leads to overheating and extreme discomfort.

Uniforms completely destroy character and individuality that every human being is capable of possessing. This clothing prevents us from expressing ourselves and our identities and also prevents us from letting us wear material we feel comfortable in. According to studies, letting people wear what they want in a social environment around others makes them feel safer knowing that they can freely express who they are without the restriction of uniform codes or the uniforms themselves. Wearing what you want can have a major impact on the way you think about yourself.

Allowing students to wear any clothing they want (within reasonable standards) allows them more versatility to a work environment they will surely be in when they have a job themselves.

In summary, the above discussion points demonstrate the need for a review of the school uniform policy.

If we didn’t wear uniforms, I am sure nothing would change at all. The only thing that needs to change is people’s mindset on what children/teenagers should be wearing to feel safe in an educational environment.

One size does not fit all.


Gabby Jeffs- Mobile Phones Should be Allowed

Dear Mrs Carty,

As you know the policy for mobile phone use throughout the day they should be in our locker but I believe we should be allowed to use them throughout the day. Mobile phones can be used for so many things such as reminders, cameras, timers, recorders and in case of emergencies.

Surely you would agree that high school student’s need their mobile phones during school. In class times some teachers tell us to take out our phones to take a picture of a homework task or to take pictures around the school. If we need our phones during this type of lesson and clearly you see that we can’t leave our phones in our locker. During lunch breaks we may need to send a text message or call our parents to tell them something important. For example if we left something important at home we can text our parents and ask if they could drop it off for us. This allowing us to take part in the activity. So you would most likely agree that it is very important for us to keep our phones in our pocket.

Mobile phones during school should only be for educational purposes but having them during class would help if we need to quickly look something up on the internet instead of turning our computers on.  It would give us as students a sense of responsibility and control of not always being on our phones. They are more than just a small gadget that we can play games on or look at our social media but a helpful device that can be used for many things.

The school would be a much better place if we are allowed mobile phones during school hours.

I appreciate you reading this.

Sincerely, Gabby Jeffs

Annie Bates-Homework Extension

Dear Miss Quinlan,

If student welfare is a high priority at Loreto College than it is reasonable to suggest that students be given longer periods of time to complete set tasks. This would significantly reduce the level of anxiety experienced by a large percentage of our student body. I don’t believe that teachers should expect us to complete pages and pages of works as a nightly routine. With longer periods for work to be completed ensures the work is being done to a high standard and also implies good time management practices rather than cramming work in at the last minute. With more time to complete homework tasks the work can be done to the best of the student’s ability rather than a rushed piece of work done late the night before or completed by a parent. With more free time students can relax and be stress free for the next day. To get the most out of the Loreto experience girls are strongly encouraged to undertake a range of extra curricula activities. Would it be fair to propose that girls who throw themselves into school life be given slightly longer periods of time to complete work assigned by the school? I also believe that it is important to contribute to our family home, with two full time working parents longer times for school work leaves me more free time to assist in cooking, cleaning or any other household jobs. Our school lives need to be balanced.

Annie Bates 🙂

Natalya Byrne- Ban the uniform

Dear Mrs Hamilton

The Loreto uniform is by far one of the nicest looking uniforms in the Brisbane area. However Uniforms in general supress each student’s personality and stop us from expressing ourselves and make us feel as if we are just a herd of followers to afraid to speak out.

A lot of teachers have the argument that the uniforms keep everyone feeling equal and limits bullying. In my opinion this is just ignorance to what goes on at an all-girls high school. Girls will always find something to criticize, it may be your hair or the way you tied up your ribbon but I can assure you that this will never completely go away.

Uniforms actually make adolescent girls feel more self-conscious because now it isn’t a matter of I’m not wearing the same brand as you it becomes a matter of who wears it better. Let me assure you we all feel more comfortable and confident when we are wearing clothes that we want to wear.

You are constantly on the prowl to insure no girls are wearing makeup. If students feel comfortable and confident in what they are wearing they won’t feel the need to make their face look air brushed with perfectly contoured cheeks.

When we have our few opportunities to wear what we want on free dress days, students often wear clothes that you and other teachers do not approve of. There is a simple solution, my peers and I feel the need to wear what we think we look best in when we aren’t given the constant ability to wear something other than a blue pleated skirt. If we weren’t wearing a uniform 5 days a week every week for the next 4 years of our life students would probably be more compliant with your rules in hope that we all get to keep this privilege.

To summarise uniforms are supressing each student’s personality and is actually starting more conflict. Letting each student wear what they want would minimize many arguments and leave you with time to do something more worthwhile.

King Regards

Natalya Byrne

Madeleine Fee- Homework Extension

Dear Ms Jones

I am sorry to be troubling you but I have an important favour to ask of you. As you know it is exam time and I was deeply struggling with my maths exam. I have had tutoring all week and was so preoccupied by trying to just pass my exam that I completely ran out of time to complete my homework. If you would be so kind to grant me an extension on this homework I would greatly appreciate this. I can assure that the completion of this homework task will be absolutely amazing if given the opportunity to do so.  I know that a generous person like you wouldn’t hesitate at the chance to give one of your most hard working students an opportunity to redeem themselve. All I am asking for is a one day extension and I will promise that I will complete the homework. With this extension it will benefit not only my learning but my organisational skills. I understand if this is too much to ask and I am truly sorry for the in convince.


Madeleine Fee.

Maggie Thomas – Homework extension

Dear Miss Quinlan,


It has come to my attention that the current year 9 students are receiving too much homework in the time limit which is given. Most students are attending 10 different subjects and getting large amounts of homework for each one, making it very difficult to participate in extra – curricular activities. Managing to complete all assigned homework and have a life outside of school is a challenge in itself, let alone having to go to school the next day and give full attention during class time. It is said that children should have an hour each day of ‘outside time’, exercising, and being exposed to the sun. Children have to find a way home whether they walk, catch public transport, or are picked up, which can also take time out of their afternoon. By the time we sit down for homework we can only concentrate for approximately half of the time assigned for our work. Sleep is a very important part of our education, if we are up to late hours of the night completing homework than it will negatively affect our important lessons during school time.


It is important that we do keep up with the curriculum and I understand that completing homework is a huge part of that, however is physically draining kids really necessary? Simply with an extension, we can complete all of our required after school activities, keep up with our subjects, and get enough sleep to keep learning to our full potential.  With a reasonable time limit, we can manage to retain the information which we learnt and be less bombarded with stacks of study close to exams.  Our education could be at a major benefit with only one more day of extra work time.

Please think about this argument and our education. I trust that you will make the right decision for our futures and current lives.

Thank you,

Maggie Thomas


Chyka Steer- Can I Have an Extension?

Miss Quinlan, I have been ill for a week and I need an extension on my homework. Due to a chest infection, I have been bed ridden and have not completed my homework and assignments in several subjects. I was under strict instruction from my doctor to only rest and avoid school, physical activity, and homework. My medical certificate will give you all the instructions that I had to follow while I was away. To help remove the chest infection I was on prescription medicine causing me to feel drowsy and unable to complete the assigned work or conduct everyday activities.

As a teacher and once a student you know what it is like to fall behind in your studies and homework. I have five assignments and ten subjects of class work to catch up on throughout the week before exams which commence on the 18th of March. As a perfectionist yourself you could understand that I want to complete my work to the best of my ability and not do something half-hearted. When you were a student I am sure that you would have had a vital week away from school and missed important work. This overload of work has left me overwhelmed and needing extra time to complete what I have missed.

I’m not asking for the world all I want is an extension on my homework. I would be highly appreciated this extension. It will give me extra time to work on the blog post and focus on catching up on all of my school work. I hope that you can understand the situation that I am in and give me a helping hand.