Natalya Byrne-

Racism is certainly a common problem, however Hollywood blockbusters have included plenty of racial diversity throughout the years!

Casting directors put out a call for certain actors and sure, majority of the time the directors already have a clear idea of what this character will look like. However, who’s to say that the casting directors didn’t request for an ethnic actor to audition such as Kevin hart but the director was happier with the performance of Matt Damon.

Racism is a two street, people are saying that Hollywood is a racist society for not casting more ethnic actors, however white people are being scrutinized for being featured in a certain movie. There are numerous points that could be made, for example sexists could question why it was a man that was cast for the lead role instead of a woman.

The Martian is played by Matt Damon who is white but that is just one particular movie. Movies like Big Mama’s, White Chicks and Pitch Perfect feature both white and black people. So rather than choosing one movie that doesn’t feature ethnic actors look further and see that there are also movies where white actors don’t strongly feature either.

But to be honest in this so called modern society aren’t we past nit-picking every minor racial event. I mean this is the 21st century! rather than criticizing a movie because a person of color wasn’t the main focus of the movie why don’t we put our energy into something more worthwhile than judging people because of the color of their skin.

Instead of getting worked up because an African american actor wasn’t cast for the lead role in a movie sit back relax and just enjoy the movie.



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