Topic 2 – Selfie or Self-Obsessed?

From young ages, our brains are trained to build confidence as we embrace the beauty in our flaws and our individuality. However, in recent years, this message seems to be becoming well and truly lost.

Two ongoing media trends are becoming linked together as contributors to one another’s presence among this generation’s culture: selfies and mental disorders.

Narcissism, OCD, superficial obsessions, unrealistic expectations, entitlement, insecurity and other underlying traits can be magnified through selfies and can lead to destructive behaviors.

When a female expresses herself in a half-naked selfie with an obscure musical lyric underneath, what is she saying about herself? It is a clear attempt and reach for reassurance of her appearance and attention and offers a complete lack of substance.

So the question is: Should students in primary and high school be allowed to have phones with cameras? Is the selfie obsession going too far?

Happy writing!

Miss Quinlan



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