Madeleine Fee- Hollywood Perfection Problem

Lately Hollywood has been under fire due to accusations of discrimination and not enough racial diversity. After looking at recent movies it is clear that Caucasian actors and actresses are dominating the Hollywood industry. Whether or not this is on purpose I believe that there should be more racial diversity. When writing and creating movies usually the creators have visions of who could possibly play certain characters. Movies may require different races of actors and actresses to play movies based on periods of time and events about certain races, cultures and countries. Creators should write more diverse scripts which include a variety of experiences and society should be more open to any race. To benefit ourselves we should see more racial diversity, learn from and accept these actors and actresses. It shouldn’t be about what race you are but which actor best fits the role and would have the biggest positive impact to the movie.

Some of my personal thoughts about Hollywood in  terms of subject matter would be to create more movies based on current problems and try to pose solutions to this problems for educational purposes. I think that there should be more movies about realistic life situations that we can also learn from. Movies should expand points of view in terms of historical movies to truly understand what it would of being like at the time of this event. Another thing that Hollywood needs to work on is how all storylines seem to be the same. Hollywood really needs new themes and storylines to keep viewers interested. A lot of movies recently have been focusing on the world in the future and the struggle for survival. These movies may be interesting but Hollywood has exhausted this topic and needs to come up with fresh new ideas that people can enjoy.

Hollywood clearly has things that they need to improve on but no matter what it does there will always be critics that find flaws and blow them out of proportion. Hollywood will never be perfect so I think it would be better if we accept this and move on.

By Madeleine Fee


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