Katerina Astropalitis – Hollywood lacking in the industry

Racism is the act of being verbally or physically rude to some one of the different race. It is an act that happens why to often in our every day lives, specifically in the acting industry.

Recently, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences were put under fire for the lack of racial diversity in the Oscus. Film and TV have never properly showed how diverse America is. The statistics tell us that for every three nonwhite people in America for every nonwhite character on TV, there are seven nonwhite  people in America for every nonwhite character.

The Academy of Motion pictures is now saying that they are changing all the voting structure and so on. I think that changing the system would be great for the movie industry, because it opens up a wider verity of different cultures.  This is something that the movie industry should of invested in a long time ago, but i am glad it is finally happening. Before reading about this i would have never though of it, because its not something that stands out. I guess that is because when you are watching a movie or watching the Oscurs, you don’t really think about how much they lack racial diversity.


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