Pascale Healy- Is Hollywood’s Diversity M.I.A?

Actors, singers, models, the rich and famous nowadays all seem to have a certain look of ‘perfection’. Their looks all seem to be alike, where is the diversity? Most stars have stereotypical great looks but not necessarily great talent. There needs to be more diversity in race as well. Last week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences were told that the all-white Oscar nominee list lacked diversity, this news has caused much controversy. Later the academy announced “it would make radical changes to its voting requirements, recruiting process and governing structure, with an aim toward increasing the diversity of its membership.” Those who cast movies, for instance, should keep in mind that diversity equals interest and will please everyone, no matter what race. The Hollywood industry especially the film industry has its stereotypes when it comes to race, there should be equality throughout all races. Film and media have their advantages because they can reach across the world to spread messages to all but in an artistic and inspiring way. They need to have a mindset of change for the better, for the human race, and use their advantages to put words into action.

Race equality is a current world issue, we all need to accept, respect and include all races. This can be brought to society’s attention publicly through film and media. Change can and will be brought to action starting with Hollywood’s films and stars. This will help slowly move stereotypes of Hollywood stars out of the media and help people around the world feel like they do not have to look a certain way or be a certain race, so that they can feel accepted and equal. Hollywood, change your image for the good of the human race now.


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