Eliza Fitzgerald – Racial Diversity in Hollywood

Racial Diversity in Hollywood

Everyone dreams of being a famous movie-star, and making the big time in Hollywood, but does the colour of your skin really affect your chances of being a successful actor?

The Oscar’s are a well-known award show that have recently been a topic of discussion throughout the world for all the wrong reasons. It has been discovered that there are no black people nominated for an Oscar in 2016. This has sparked many accusations towards the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for being racist. Movie producers and the casting team should not be basing their cast on colour, but on talent and work ethic. I do believe that there is discrimination in Hollywood and that it should change. Someone could be a fantastic actor, but won’t get the role because the producers don’t want a person of a different colour playing the part. This is definitely a serious problem that should be handled. There are movies that are specific to a period of time or culture, so racism can’t be put to blame on that, but movies where it doesn’t have to be specific are definitely seen as discriminative. Although the complaints, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are not changing the nominations as “It would make radical changes to its voting requirements, recruiting process and governing structure, with an aim toward increasing the diversity of its membership.”

I believe, that besides the ethnic diversity issues, there is nothing wrong about the Hollywood film industry. If we all work together we can make not only Hollywood, but the whole world a discrimination free place.


By Eliza Fitzgerald


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