Ena Beganovic – Come on Hollywood! Where’s the Culturalism?

Pitch Perfect, Frozen, The Great Gatsby, Skyfall and Gravity are all phenomenal Hollywood blockbusters that made it to the big time. Yet, one dominant aspect these major motion pictures lack is their sense of culturalism. Hollywood’s absence to diverse cultures is disappointing and needs to be stopped. Not only is the racism surrounding the film industry frowned upon, but no cultural diversity appears in recent successful motion pictures. With no sudden appearance of contrasting cultures on the big screen it teaches the future generation that different races and religions are abnormal and the correct way to living life is through the same, typical divinity seen in the movies.

Not only is this the wrong way of informing future generations but doesn’t help in the current discrimination upon different cultures that may have unfamiliar beliefs to the beliefs we learn and live by. What is seen in the movies determines what society believes is right. This is why discluding cultures from Hollywood is unacceptable when trying to lead a culturally equivalent society. Very rarely do we see a young Muslim girl represented in a positive manner, without referring to her race in any way. Instead of seeing films directed around a software making American man such as Steve Jobs, why can’t we see a film made about an inspirational young woman named Malala Yousafzai, who is changing the world with her influential lease on life and how we live it.

In conclusion, Hollywood’s range of culture appearing in movies shows a large discouragement in cultural diversity. There needs to be more religion, more race and more cultural equality seen on the big screen. Hollywood needs culturalism! But, the real question is, how much is Hollywood’s lack of cultural diversity really rubbing off on today’s society?


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