Charlotte Greer- Hollywoods cultural diversity!

Many Hollywood famous and successful block buster movies that are popular in today’s society lack one of the most important features, this is a sense of culturalism. The shortage of the cultural diversity must be changed so that the future generation can live by a more accepting environment. It is extremely disappointing to see that many of the recent films have no cultural diversity. By changing this issue future generations will be more accepting to different cultures and will not copy or mimic what the big screens are suggesting.

Holly wood currently does show a sense of racism discrimination and this needs to stop! Very rarely would we see a young Muslim or Indian girl staring as a main role in a hit movie, this is a major let-down to not only different races but to society itself.  Young girls and boys of different races could have amazing talents, but who do they have to look up to? Holly wood shows a racism problem especially through the director’s choice of coloured skin, anyone who has talent should be fit for the role. Holly wood must offer more of a range of cultures, when there in casting they should not look at the skin colour or there accent or the way that they dress it should simply be there pure talent that could get them a place in fame.

In conclusion changes of the lack of cultural diversity would lead to a much more accepting and better future. Just because of a person’s race it should not change the subject matter. If there is more race and more cultural equality not only would the film industry change but I believe it would make a change in society.


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