Gabby- Hollywood Needs Changes

Being famous and making it in the big time would be everyone’s childhood dream, but there are many things holding certain people back. For example the colour of their skin.

Many major movies in the world lack a great amount of culture. Our culturalism has been dropped in the Hollywood film industry and this is worrying. Coloured skin people feel abandoned and cheated on. Through the recent major films there has been rare sight of coloured skin people between the cast for example the Martian. This teaches future generations that cultural and coloured skin people are unusual. Also teaching them that the perfect cast doesn’t have coloured people.

Not only does the Hollywood film industry show racism in not including coloured people in major films but they are creating havoc of the future of the film industry. The rare occasion when you see coloured skin people working as an actor/actress they are show in a bleak way. This is how numerous amounts of people see them. We refer to them as a person who cannot be accepted as a real human. By including more of a different race of humans we can accept for who they are. This informs the future of our society to not show abandon ship to others with different skin colours.

In conclusion Hollywood variety of coloured skin people visible in films is a discouraging amount that needs to be changed. They should not be judging people by the colour of their skin but by their acting skills. Hollywood needs to show an equal amount of different skin coloured people on the movie screen. The film industry needs to show more culturalism in major films. The colour of individual’s skin should not hold them back or impact what they achieve in life.


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