Annie Bates- Racial diversity in Hollywood films

It could be argued today that Hollywood films don’t feature enough racial diversity. Evidence would suggest though, that Hollywood has produced a number of famous and well-loved actors and actresses from a range of different cultural backgrounds. Denzel Washington and Halle Berry are two example of well-loved African-American movie stars who have forged highly successful careers both gaining an academy award for acting.

A racial diversity of actors can be shown in Sesame Street, the 2014 version of Annie, Star Wars the force awakens and many more. I don’t believe the Hollywood movie industry has a race issue as there are many TV shows and movies featuring actors and actresses of different races. In my opinion the film producers are making an effort to include a wide range of races where as the media is creating an issue with the choice of actors and actresses in a film and promoting the idea of not accepting people of different races.

In conclusion, I believe the Hollywood film industry doesn’t have an issue with the race in TV shows and movies and that the media is putting the idea of any racial discrimination in the minds of viewers.


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