Christina Ferguson- Problems in Hollywood

For years the film industry has had a problem with racism. It goes from racist comments to whitewashing, however has recently been called out in a major news story. The film industries decision to have a more diverse community will mean that the problem will hopefully cease to exist. An example of culturally adverse movies is the Rush Hour series. This includes Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as well as this it is set in different locations, allowing more races to partake in the movie even if they are only in the background.
The Hollywood film industry is widespread, with it hard to ever be recognized in the community, one of the ways to be recognized is to make it to a large film. Actors often go through many years of school before having the chance to be in a small film. I believe that the Hollywood film industry needs to open up more schools or workshops allowing different actors/actresses to shine through, expanding the world of movies to get the lesser known actors out into the world. If we had more advertising a larger variety of actors would have the chance to make it to the big screen with larger opportunities for them to become known allowing new talent the chance to make industry.

In conclusion Hollywood has to open up more opportunities to allow younger actors tp come through and prove themselves in the acting community.


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