Chyka Steer- Is Hollywood Racist?

The Hollywood film industry lacks the ability for a racial equality. Throughout every industry, there is racial inequality but in one that is constantly in the view of the public’s eye, this is wrong and unjust. For decades, a character has either been black or white, often this is to do with the quality of the actor and the director’s vision for the film. The people of Hollywood like to think we have come a long way since black and white TV but really have we?

The latest instalment in the never-ending battle of black and white has erupted over the nominations for the Oscars. But is the fault of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the casting directors or the actors. To be blunt it is the actor and casting director’s fault, for an Oscar nomination you need to be the best actor in that category and no one of colour had an outstanding performance. But there are people saying that certain roles could have had cultural diversity. This is 100% true, it isn’t set in stone what race a character is so there should be equal opportunities for everyone throughout the industry.

The academy award-winning, multi-million dollar films are not relevant for today and have a perception of what a movie star should look like. Each year several Hollywood blockbusters are set in a futuristic world where the characters survive against all odds. It is clear to see that movies like the Hunger Games and Divergent have several similarities and have no relations to the everyday world around us and this needs to change. If Hollywood were to include realistic themes into their movies there would be a diversity of actors. What do you think of when you hear actress or actor? Tall, beautiful, perfect complexion, skinny, toned, chiselled and handsome. By including everyday themes, everyday people will have new acting positions in the film industry. Overall we have come a long way since black or white and beautiful or ugly but there are still mountains to climb and this can be accomplished by merging everyday themes into blockbuster movies and demolishing actor stereotypes.


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