Hannah Borrett- white workforce!

White Workforce

Does the Hollywood film industry lack ethnic diversity? The answer is yes! Throughout the 20th century 95% of film nominations went to white actors. The 2016 Oscar nominees are a prime example of the film industries lack of cultural diversity with all 20 nominees being white for the second year in a row. Many are criticizing the academy of motion pictures for not nominating any of the 2016 clearly outstanding ethnic actors, including the popular Will Smith who starred in “Concussion” and Michael B. Jordan in “Creed”. Only one black woman has ever won Best Actress in the history of the awards.

The film industry continues to ignore audiences of colour, it’s embarrassing for our world to lack such cultural diversity and provide such a white workforce for our blockbuster productions when the box offices’ must successful movies feature such a diverse cast.

Change must surely start with the casting couch and we need to see more black and ethnic actors represented on our screens.  So many of our recent blockbusters boast an all-star white cast. Directors need to demand to see all types of actors and our writers indeed write with this cultural diversity in mind.  It would stand that this philosophy would be great for business too reaching a far greater audience.

In conclusion, It seems Hollywood has some work to do, including ethnic diversity into the Hollywood film industry to bring equality between people to enhance our film productions for the big screens.

by Hannah Borrett




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