Lara Tomlinson- What does the current Hollywood Film industry lack?

The film industry continues to show racism and discrimination in their casting and movies. The Hollywood film industry has been practicing ‘whitewashing’ for decades which is when a person of white skin plays a non-white role and it has created a bias in the industry. This bias can also be shown through awards like in the Oscars. The movie ’12 years a slave’ featured a predominantly black cast yet none of the cast was nominated for an award and when the public saw the lack of cultural diversity in the nominations they saw this as the Hollywood film industry discriminating.

Furthermore, the Hollywood film industry continues to present women in an seductive, sexual or inaccurate manner generalizing the gender as unrealistic stereotypes- for example skinny and flawless. According to a study in 2009 by USC Annenberg researchers, 33.8 percent of female teen characters were seen in sexy clothing and 28.2 percent were shown with exposed skin in the cleavage, midriff or upper thigh regions. For male teen characters the numbers were drastically lower with only 5.3 percent shown in sexy clothing and 11.2 percent showing skin. Objectifying women in films has lead to women feeling obliged to replicate the sexy models in these films just to feel good about themselves. It is disgraceful, humiliating and an injustice to women around the world to be compared to these sexual, flawless models in films as they are an inaccurate representation of modern women.

In conclusion Hollywood film industry needs to stop their bias and aim to show more cultural diversity by stopping ‘whitewashing’. They also need to stop objectifying and presenting women inaccurately in movies as it has created false stereotypes that women feel obliged to meet.


By Lara Tomlinson


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