Maggie Thomas -Not black & white films anymore?

If you have a camera – appealing look, the star personality to fit, and you are white caucasian male or female, you are almost guaranteed to be a Hollywood movie star. However, is this really a fair check list?

Hollywood movies and casting is very racist still today, how often do popular blockbusters star someone who is of a different colour? Acting is a gift and believe it or not, Caucasian’s are not the only people who are given this gift. There are many talented young men and women who are unknown in the Hollywood film industry just because they don’t have the look. The Academy of motion picture and arts have been accused of having a deficiency of ethnic diversity about its Oscar nominees. This shows that the film critics are not recognising the talent which African Americans show when they get the chance to make it on the big screens.

If this stereotypical action continues to take place future generations are going to furthermore believe that having white Caucasian movie stars is the norm. Holly wood films keep getting better and better encouraging more and more people to watch them, if coloured people are not given roles and recognition because they are different to what people usually look at on TV, they will be forgotten and go unrecognised. How do we know that people won’t treat every day African Americans the way they are treated in the film industry? The film industry needs to make a commitment to recruit more diverse actors and actresses and a more diverse group in its governing structure, to include all ages, sexes, and races in even representation.

The traditional blonde, blue – eyed beauties of the big screen must give way to a more realistic view and representation of today’s world. Films and awards should encompass all people who show talent and are prepared to represent their gender or race on film, celebrating a diverse, multicultural society.


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