Markella Patounas – What Does The Hollywood Film Industry Lack?

The Hollywood film industry lacks many things. One of these being diversity.

Hollywood currently have people who would be defined as “gorgeous” and “handsome”. They are always portrayed as the people with ideal body characteristics, such as slim waist, rock hard abs, cute button nose, generally all-around attractive, but I never see any popular actors who most critics would deem to be unfit for the role simply because the actor doesn’t look good enough, in terms of face, body shape and in some cases, skin colour.

I’ve come to notice that most actors (of both sexes and genders) are being either starved or overworked to look the part for a movie, in most cases because they aren’t skinny enough, or the fact that their body doesn’t have enough muscles yet.

Things like these seem fairly petty, but in most popular movies these days I notice a whole lot of white-washing going on. Not just your general “too many white actors” (which happens way too much), but some have taken it as far as setting a movie in a place like China, where the land the set is based on has cultural importance. And for this particular film I’m referencing to, the main characters aren’t even Chinese.

Another thing we lack are people who are physically impaired. I have noticed the actors who do play these particular roles in movies are abled, and that the casters couldn’t have even made a half-assed effort to find an actor with the physical impairment itself, whilst they are letting perfectly abled people portray the role of the physically impaired – whilst using all unneeded software to edit particular body parts and features out.

I would add more, but sadly there are too many issues revolving around Hollywood films currently, and this barely even scratches the surface.


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