Piper McLeod -What, if anything, does the Hollywood film industry lack?

There seems to be a reoccurring trend in Hollywood blockbuster movies, where actors are being cast into roles that inaccurately match their cultural background. Mover Makers want their movies to draw bigger crowds, and to do so, they bring in A-list actors and actresses to play the role of any character regardless of the actors background.

Many old Westerns would cast Caucasian men whose faces and hands were painted to look like American Indians and this act of ‘Whitewashing’ is still in the Hollywood industry today, for example, Johnny Depp played the role of a Native American, Tonto, in the remake of ‘The Lone Ranger’.

Another example of this blatant miss castings is Tom Cruise portrays a heroic German officer in the movie ‘Valkyrie’. Tom Cruise was slammed by several US critics with quotes such as, “He’s distractingly bad with his hard, flat American accent”, “He’s the only actor in the film not doing a British or German accent” and “If Cruise doesn’t work in Valkyrie, its partly because he’s too modern, too American and way too Tom Cruise to make sense in the role”

Another effect is that the movie goer will get the wrong message about the movie because the role is not being portrayed properly by the actor. Some people may be offended or think it is racist for actors and actresses to use accents that are not their native to them.

In conclusion, it would appear that ticket sales are more important  than accurate and more suited character casting. This has many negative effects, one being, that it will teach the younger generations that different ethnicities are not accepted in today’s society. Hollywood needs to stop ‘Whitewashing’ and be more accurate in their casting.



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