Sarah Stockley – Where have all the actresses gone?

Many of Hollywood’s famous blockbuster movies have included stars such as Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Demi Moore. In the past few years, these actresses have appeared less and less in major movies. Now, we are only witnessing these leads sporadically. The question on everyone’s mind is; where have these women gone?

Ten years ago, Meryl Streep was gracing nearly every movie screen and starring in movies such as Mamma Mia and The Devil Wears Prada. What was the last movie Meryl Streep starred in? The roles for older actresses have decreased dramatically over the years.

The Hollywood Film Industry has drastically reduced the number of film roles available for actresses over forty years of age. Instead, Hollywood is offering the majority of film roles to young, blossoming, actresses such as Chloe Grace Moretz and Jennifer Lawrence. This is utterly unacceptable and Hollywood needs to make a massive change to this age prejudice issue.

When actresses turn a certain age, they are instantly rejected the film industry and lose their popularity with Hollywood producers. When Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and Demi Moore were younger, they were knocking back film roles due to being over loaded with offers. They were young, stunning and sensational actresses making millions. Just because these actresses are a certain age, does not mean that they are any less experienced or less talented as any other actress. Meryl Streep was regarded as one of the best actors of her generation, so why are we not seeing her more frequently? She is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood and, if anything, her acting has improved remarkably.

In conclusion, modifications to this matter would dramatically alter how people view the Hollywood Film Industry. Variations would also occur in the film roles and the leads in blockbuster movies, giving the Hollywood Film Industry a more noticed and regarded reputation by changing the diversity in the choice of female actors to star in major movies.


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