Christina Ferguson-Selfie Obsessed

In this day and age students are constantly carrying phones with them wherever they go, listening to music, playing games and taking photos. If school students have phones with cameras they will constantly be taking pictures. Many of the younger children will begin to get addicted to their phones when they should be outside playing. Students in high school will often use phones to take pictures of homework when it is just as simple to right it down. This shows that this generation is lazy and it will just worsen ans technology advances.

The places people are taking selfies are getting more and more extreme with people taking higher risks to get the better shot. At some point in time one person will go to far. They will take a photo on the edge of a building and fall, or take a selfie in the water and a shark will come up behind them and go chomp! Selfies have gone to far and one day soon, someone will get hurt.


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