Lara Tomlinson- Homework Extension

Surely as a successful teacher and mature adult you’ve experienced first hand the spontaneous influx of events that delay someone’s routine. How many times have you had to leave school early to take care of a loved one? How many times has your car broke down causing you to be understandably late for work. As an understanding past student I’m positive you’ve experienced the stressful juggling between extra-curricular activities, homework, part-time work and family obligations. As a student who believes in giving everything a go I am participating in lots of beneficial team activities and sports that also require frequent afternoon gatherings. Logically you must realize that these meetings end towards dusk, causing my time for homework to decrease dramatically and making it impossible for me to complete my homework in only half the amount of time. Add in time consuming activities like dinner, showers and standard nightly chores such as dishes, tiding rooms and unpacking bags spare time becomes scarce as priorities delay homework. To argue that I should have stayed up to complete my homework is wrong as it’s an unhealthy and detrimental solution. Recent studies have shown that you forget over half of that you learnt when studying at night. My performance academically today would have suffered significantly as depriving myself of crucial sleep would have caused serious side effects such as impaired attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem solving decreasing the brains efficiency in learning. It is out of necessity that I ask you for an extension from a dedicated, hardworking student to an equally dedicated, hardworking and understanding teacher.


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