Christina Ferguson-Why do we need uniform?

In all schools uniformity is essential in order to emit a professional appearance. Even though perception of schools is important, the uniform must always be comfortable and be able to stand any conditions, hot or cold. If we didn’t have to wear uniform then we would have the option to wear clothes that are easier to breath in as well as being more   suited to the climate. This means allowing us to wear our own clothes will let us be comfortable in our environment.

Our school uniform is a cotton shirt, cotton knee skirt and black school shoes.  In school shoe’s it is often hard to run as the shoes to not cushion your feet at all as well as this you have to keep them clean. If we were allowed to wear shoes such as vans or converse it would allow us more freedom. As well as this if we wore shorts (at a reasonable length) it would allow us to be more active in a normal school day meaning that we could do PE in our normal clothes with special uniforms for competition, not just in sport but in music as well. If you wear a skirt and run to fast it flies up, if people want to wear a skirt they can it just means they would not run as much. Our school shirts are very tight with not a lot of manoeuvrability. If we were allowed to wear our own clothes we could wear a shirt that is easier to breathe in as well as being easy to move in instead of not being able to fully move your arms in a full circle.

On top of these points forcing us to wear the same clothes, while projecting an image of professionalism it does not show a lot of character. Everyone has their own style and would love to show it to the world, and allowing us to show it through our clothes is a brilliant way to show our individual style. So Mrs Hamilton as you can see these are just some of the reasons we should be allowed to wear our own clothes.


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