Lara Tomlinson-Selfie or self-obsessed?

It’s no lie that in recent years selfies have become a popular trend throughout social media and is a way an individual can present themselves in an appealing, attractive manner. Experts fear that these photos magnify narcissism, OCD, superficial obsessions, unrealistic expectations, entitlement and insecurity which can lead to destructive behaviors. Sadly experts have became paranoid and blown this issue out of proportion by proposing the ban on school students with cameras to be acted on immediately.

This ban on phone with cameras will cause our nation to become a nanny state. Our free-willed children shouldn’t be controlled by laws to restrict their actions. What will our society become if the government controls and resists our innocent children? What will this power cause in the future of our nation? Do you want to live in a world where you could only make calls at certain times of the day or photos could not include any human being as the focal point? The effects the ban will have on society will be dangerously severe and will only increase as we become more of an ‘nanny state’.

The banning on phones with cameras will also affect the children’s family and parents as selfies are not only a teenage photo but taken by people from a variety of ages. As I scroll through my Instagram feed I see girls, boys, parents with friends and even grandmothers with their grandchildren have posted a selfie. It is a false stereotype to consider all selfie takers are school students and so it is wrong for a ban to be put on students restricting their phones.





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