Madeleine Fee- Pressure to be perfect

We are all different, and we all have flaws this has not changed and never will. Now day’s women are constantly comparing themselves to people who have spent three hours in hair and makeup and have been photo shopped to death. This has been influenced by the fact that basically all phones have cameras on them. When people take photos of themselves it becomes a lot easier to point out flaws and compare it with other people like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Beauty expectations like these are ridiculous but with the amount of publicity centered on this topic it’s clear to see why people would think that this is normal.

Extreme measures to deal with children and their beauty obsessions are talked about by worried parents. Primary and High school kids are being exposed to these negative issues at a young age. Physiologist predict that this can cause mental disorders and unnatural behavior from children as young as six. Parents are afraid that their child may develop these terrible conditions. A solution posed to solve this problem is to ban cameras on phones for primary and high school children. This is a drastic measure and will do more harm than good. By banning cameras on phones we are drawing more attention to this subject which will surely make teenagers rebel. Cameras aren’t just for taking photos they can be used to video chat with other people too. By banning cameras we may temporarily fix the issue but by doing this more problems will surface.

Selfies are now a way of expressing yourself. Photos consist of a range of different poses, people and backgrounds. These photos are then sent out for the world to ‘like and comment on’. Photos like these are becoming very popular and with this popularity the risk of developing self-obsessions issues are also becoming more popular too. Behavioral changes to your personality include constantly preoccupied with the thought of yourself and everything that involves you or should involve you. Women especially are at high risk of becoming self-obsessed due to what society excepts every woman to look like. Skinny, blonde hair, clear skin to name a few of the ridiculous expectations. With this pressure to be ‘perfect’ of course women are going think that this is normal. When women do develop these conditions who will be to blame? Us or society? The media should stop showing abnormally skinny women and start showing normal people and maybe this pressure and expectations may just disappear.



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