Pascale Healy- Mobile phones should be used at school

Dear Mrs Carty,

Mobile phones have now become a necessity for the majority of high school students, surely you would agree with this? Mobile phones can be very useful during school, like when students need to take photos of homework or for a certain activity they are doing in a subject or when they need to quickly text someone (maybe their parents to tell them to pick them up, etc.). Mobile phones can even be helpful for finding information on the internet quickly. They are much easier and quicker to access than a computer and you can access them all around the school.

Logically you must realise that many students have mobile phones and many will carry them in their pockets even if there is a rule against it, so why not give them the right to do so. You seem to value safety for all students and staff so you would agree that phones are probably safer in the student’s pockets than in their lockers since many students don’t bother to lock their lockers especially if their lockers are in classrooms.

The school would become much happier if mobile phones were allowed to be used during school because students would feel more freedom and relaxed since there would be no strict rules against phones but they would also have a sense of responsibility for their phone so that they use it with care when they are around the school.

Thank you for your time,


Pascale Healy



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