Piper McLeod – Selfie Obsession

Do you think the Selfie obsession has gone too far? Over the past few years, most primary and high school students have become addicted to taking Selfies and uploading them to social media. This topic has got a lot of people talking about whether or not this has gone too far.

For some people, taking Selfies have become an addiction. You would be surprised at what some people do just to get the best lighting or angle, it is putting them in danger and at risk of serious injury. People even go as far as climbing to the highest point of old, rusty scaffold just to get the city in background or their Selfie.

Girls are starting to compare their selves to others and with that comes the thought of, Am I pretty enough? We start to compare ourselves to others and soon it becomes an addiction. We want to the prettiest girl with the best hair and makeup.

The meaning of a Selfie has unfortunately been lost throughout the past few years. Its original meaning was to have a good way of capturing a moment, either by yourself or with family and friends, but instead people today only take Selfies to either get attention and compare themselves to others, or trying to “be noticed and being a party of the culture”, as Dr Terri Apter states.

Taking away the cameras on the phones of children today will only make this matter worse, we should not be controlling these ‘unbounded’ children by rules and guidelines. It won’t just effect these children, it will effects their families too. If you go and look at all the Selfies in the world, yes most of them are only one person, but there are plenty of Selfies out there that include friends, family members, even pets. It is very clichéd to think that Selfies are only taken by children in primary and secondary schools.

Today where, close to everybody, has a camera on the back or the front of their phones, we shouldn’t be asking if children should be allowed to have phones with cameras? Instead we should be querying if they are grown up enough to take the interest and the demands of society. As much as Selfie taking has disintegrated our self-confidence, we need to give these children a chance to find out if they are, in fact, grown up enough to take what is coming at them.





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