Annie Bates-Selfie or self-obsessed?

I believe that students in primary and high school should be allowed to have phones with cameras. For students in primary school, many don’t own phones at all and in high school phones are given to students of this age to communicate allowing them to organise pick up arrangements etc. Students should be taught how to use cameras in phones responsibly so that their photos don’t offend others.

I do agree that there is a selfie obsession beginning to emerge in our society, however in spite of this, it is not necessary for all students to be denied the opportunity to have a camera on their phones. In essence, cameras are a resourceful tool that can be utilised to capture memorable moments. Yet, with the evolution of this selfie epidemic, phones such as iPhones and Samsungs, have come under much scrutiny as they encourage such acts. It can be said that selfies are not the actual problem, but the ramifications that are associated with this. Individuals, even those of younger ages, strive to achieve this idealistic perfection which is impractical and can cause one to doubt their personal appearance. Subsequently, issues of online bullying can begin to emerge. What is a girl my age, 14, supposed to think when she sees a model pose half-naked in front of screen for everyone to see; that we must try to reach this superficial expectation?

However, I strongly believe that the problem lies exclusively in high school, where teens are exposed to social media and the images that shape how we perceive ourselves. In primary school, this is less likely to occur, with phones used typically to play games or contact parents, minimising this exposure to social media outlets. Despite a growing number of younger people beginning to use phones with cameras, many still enjoy taking photos of people and the world around them.

Once again I can’t see a major problem with young people taking selfies. As long as they don’t use photos to bully or offend others. Sometimes people with a selfie obsession start to get tunnel vision where they only think of themselves, rarely considering other people at all.


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