Chyka Steer- Selfie or Self-Obsessed?

From generation to generation there has always been obsessions or crazes that shook the world. Fashion, technology, music, dance moves, art, toys and movies are some of the categories that these new world obsessions fall under. Isn’t it a tragedy that these stages of life are taken too far and cause a worldwide impact?

The latest craze that has sent waves through the blogosphere is the selfie. Capturing yourself at a certain moment was a stroke of genius but the lengths people have taken it to is, extreme, ridiculous and unnecessary. Planking was a popular phase from 2011 and was taken to the extreme by idiotic people risking their lives for popularity. The selfie isn’t initially dangerous but because of the social media exposure it has turned into a beauty contest causing self-doubt. The stereotype of beauty has been exposed by the selfie. To take the perfect picture, you need the perfect look, the perfect hair and the perfect complexion. The epicentre of this self-demoralising craze is with teenage girls. A half node or sexual pose will be out there forever for the world to see and will never fill the insecure teen with confidence or love. This void of emptiness causes depression, mental disorders and a loss or confidence that once shone so brightly.

It doesn’t matter how perfect you look there will always be ‘the haters.’ These faceless people who are sitting behind their phones or keyboards are causing innocent teens to feel as if they are the ugliest person in the world. These emotions have catastrophic consequences with several teens taking their own lives because of their so called ‘friends’ or ‘followers’. This outrageous obsession has gone too far and needs to be reeled in before more families become affected by a picture.

Hundreds of psychiatrists have narrowed the cause down to camera phones. But is this the phones fault? It is inevitable that pictures will end up online but the convenience of your phone and camera in one is a recipe for disaster. Within a school hundreds of students will have phones with cameras and it is only a matter of time before that embarrassing video becomes viral. I strongly support the notation that school students should not be able to have phones out at school. The use of social media has brought people’s private life into view and it shouldn’t affect something as vital as school education.

This is what the selfie has become because of stereotypes and mass exposure. The selfie can return to its former glory but before that there needs to be a change of society and a restoration of confidence. So what can you do about it?


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