Ena Beganovic – Selfie: AKA self-help

A popular concept known amongst school students is the selfie. For some, it’s a quick snap of a memorable moment, but for others it’s considered an art and is used in a way to promote themselves on social media cites. Sure, students nowadays are considered as “selfie obsessed” by many adults, but is that really a reason to ban all phones owned by school students from having cameras? Undeniably not. Not only are cameras on phones used to take harmless photos worth sharing with friends and family, but they are also used in an educational matter. Many times during the day at school, students are asked to take photos of notes displayed on projectors and white boards. Not only are these notes put away in a reliable place for safe keeping but also replaces the many, heavy textbooks that drown student’s shoulders every afternoon when walking to the car, bus or even home. Suddenly, the hundred word paragraph of notes on the board becomes one easy tap away. Phone cameras are a great, handy way to ensure school work and book loads are handled as easy as possible. Which proves cameras on phones aren’t just used for a selfie.

From the ages of seven to sixteen is the age range of what experts say is when you experience the most “firsts” in your life. Your first day of high school, first kiss, first school dance, first singing recital or dance concert. These are all events you would have experienced in your schooling years and would love to have captured by the camera on your phone. This then makes the image easily accessible when Granny asks if she can see photos from your first debate. Do we really want to take cameras away from phones as a whole just because students like to take a friendly selfie once and a while? Memories fade away after long periods of time, so having that picture too symbolise a specific occasion means a lot to those who like to hold onto special memories. In conclusion, students who take selfies aren’t self-obsessed. They just care about their education as well as organisation and take pride in capturing all of the “firsts” in their life. So really, selfies are helping students. Well really, what more could you ask for?


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