Gabby Jeffs- Selfie or Self-obsessed

Everyone is different. No one is perfect. Girls will see pictures of people who have spent many hours working on their complexion to make them look flawless and they envy how they look. In reality many woman spend most time judging their appearance and wishing to look like someone they are not. Along with famous people that post faultless pictures of themselves. This leading to young woman losing confidence and they find it hard to embrace their flaws. Also many children childhood goes to waste with them worrying about hair and makeup instead of how mad their parents will get over them getting their shirt dirty.

Social media plays a big role in adolescents losing self-respect. A major part in losing confidence is the selfie. Selfies are taken all around the world by many different people. The selfie makes most teens insecure about their body and complexion as they compare themselves to others. They could also lead to bullying, obsession of yourself expectations of what others expect when they see you in real life. We should embrace our appearance and not hate on our flaws.

Many students in primary and secondary school have phones with cameras on them. This could cause them to take selfie’s and post them on social media which grows every year. Students from both primary and secondary school should not be allowed to have cameras on their phones because it is self-destructive. Selfies are taking over our world and destroying children’s self- confidence and their innocence. It’s taking over their lives and worrying parents.

Although taking phones with cameras away from students will cause rebellions, it will be good for them to not point out their flaws and judge themselves. Women have a high risk of becoming obsessed with themselves and always talking and looking at themselves in the mirror. The pressure of being perfect is hurting our society. Primary and secondary students should not have phones with cameras, this is going way too far.


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