Maggie Thomas – selfie or self – obsessed?

The meaning of selfie is to take a photo of yourself and share via social media. Is this what kids and teens think today? Over 1 million selfies are taken each day and shared for other people to view.
For some people (usually celebrities), Selfies are taken after their latest makeover, new hairstyle, or with the perfect lighting. This doesn’t mean that their thousands and millions of followers have to look like them when they take the next photo of themselves. Capturing the right selfie can become very frustrating and time consuming, it can take days until they get the photo that will impress their crush and social media friends. When this happens it can be classified self – obsessed, but is the right solution taking the cameras off their phones?


Taking cameras off the child’s phone may help the selfie addiction, but how will it affect the valuable photos which are taken every day? Phones are used even in schools these days, when teachers set paragraphs of homework which then the children have to take home in a heavy book, they can simply just click the button and a photo is taken and saved for however long the child needs the information. Memories are captured on phones and kept for years and generations for family and friends to view and treasure. When families are together and want a photo for the grandparents to see, do we really want one person in the family to miss out because they have to take the photo when you can just flip the screen and take the perfect whole – family selfie? Taking the camera off children’s phones is not the solution to selfie obsessions but letting the child learn and discover the social media world can benefit their lives.


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