Natalya Byrne- Do I look fat in this?

Selfie or self obsessed? This is the question on everybody’s lips. This Generation has had many crazes however none have lasted as long as the selfie, but is it going to far? What started out as the the fun and easy way to catch a moment with friends has turned into an unhealthy attachment to your phone.

Some might say that it’s a modern way to remember a moment or event but really how enjoyable can the moment be when you take one selfie and then your friend says, “actually I look gross in that! take another”. By the time you get a decent photo you have missed the moment and have no other memory of this other than one photo you took that probably doesn’t even have the occasion in the photo!

Lets say you’re at a concert and your favorite song comes on and you decide to film the song, chances are you are not actually watching the band play LIVE! You are instead watching your favorite song through a screen! I mean don’t we go to a concert to enjoy the atmosphere and energy.  Studies have shown that when you are looking through a screen there is a different level of emotion attached to when you are seeing something first hand.

In my opinion selfies are all about your “image”. I too am guilty of this!  For example, you get your eyebrows done and want everyone to see just how good they look. Why do others need to see this? Stop trying to prove to others and yourself that you look pretty.

This generation (including myself) live vicariously through their phones. You talk to your ‘Friends’ through your phone, you tell people how you are feeling through your phone, you look for advice through your phone. We look to our phones for help, advice and entertainment. My advice is that we stop, take a moment and enjoy the days beauty through the vividness of our memory.

To conclude I don’t think Selfies are a matter of being self obsessed I think that selfies are a way for others to make themselves feel good about themselves from others accolade.





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