Pascale Healy- Selfie or Self-obsessed?

In the modern day society many of us love to take selfies for many different reasons. But is this selfie obsession going too far? A selfie is a photograph taken by a person who is also in the photograph. Selfies represent the love you have for yourself and for your appearance. Isn’t today’s society teaching us to love ourselves and embrace our appearance?

Selfies can capture important and happy moments in our lives, like when you take a selfie with your friends or the people you love, or even a selfie in front of the Egyptian pyramids. Selfies are just like taking a regular photo of yourself except you are the one taking it, there isn’t really a huge difference. You could be doing the same pose in both photos but the selfie would create the most controversy, but why? All because people say when you take a photo of yourself it represents narcissism.

Society is now saying that primary and high school students should not be allowed to have phones with camera’s, but this is beside the point. Yes phones with cameras make it easier to take selfies, but this isn’t the problem. People of all ages take selfies so there is no need to point out primary and high school students and create a stereotype from this. If people are really that worried about the students, they should be addressing the parents. Parents should be able to see what their child is posting on social media and if there is really anything wrong with it.

Saying that all selfies are inappropriate and narcissistic is just a stereotype. The innocent selfie every once in a while isn’t wrong, just remember to take your selfies responsibly. You never know what society will turn it into.


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