Sarah Stockley – Selfie or Self – Obsessed

In the past few years, our society has changed dramatically. Our world has gone from no phones, to phones and phones with cameras. Today, social media is one of our most common forms of entertainment and is used on a daily basis. The introduction of the ‘Selfie’ has caused many upheavals to our society, obliging teenagers and young adults to improve their appearance, particularly their body image. Currently, many individuals are comparing themselves to others and are appraising themselves. Teenagers today, are constantly obsessing over how many followers they have and how many likes a picture of themselves receives. Our society has taken the Selfie fascination way over the top.

Astoundingly, not only children in high school are taking part in the ‘Selfie Obsession’ phase, but primary school students as well. Young school children between the ages of nine and twelve look up to older students as role models. The younger students are getting the wrong impression of how to act and are participating in taking photos of themselves half-naked in mirrors. This is completely intolerable and there needs to be an end to this matter.

According to an info graphic produced by Samsung, over one million Selfies are taken each day and most of these being uploaded to a social media app such as Instagram or Facebook. Statistics have revealed that the number of serious mental disorders have risen over the past few years, predominantly anxiety, anorexia and bulimia. Not only has social media driven teenagers and young adults to look a certain way, but has also caused people to compare themselves to stunning, yet fake and edited celebrities who are considered as ‘perfection’.

In conclusion, students in primary and school should not be allowed phones with cameras for various reasons and the Selfie obsession has been taken way too far over the past years, changing our society dramatically.



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