Charlotte Greer- Selfie or selfless

Over the past few years selfies have taken the social media world by storm, now it is not just a picture it’s a trend that everyone seems to be setting. This selfie obsession is causing the social community to feel insecure about themselves and to not take pride in their flaws, once a girl posts a beautiful selfie viewers begin to examine what could be wrong with themselves. This should not be the case. The selfie concept is mostly popular amongst the primary and high school students in today’s society. To many people a social media account is a way to be able to create a fake identity, people in the world shouldn’t feel pressured to have to disguise themselves from who they truly are. But to others it is a great way to be able to share memories and society shouldn’t discourage that.

The younger generations (primary and high school students) should be allowed to have cameras on their phones because not only is it a great selfie tool but it also captures the moments that are meaningful to that person. Although the selfie obsession may be going too far is it really that bad? Girls and boys should be able to take pride in a good selfie they take. Also if cameras were to be taken away it would only lead to worse situations, because if they don’t have it they would want it more.

In conclusion front cameras should definitely be allowed for primary and high school students. These people are entering the social world at their own risk, they know the bad and the good consequences that could happen. Just because of some people other students shouldn’t have to take the punishment.



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