Hannah Borrett~ selfie culture-lame or legit?

Selfie or Self-obsessed


Selfie or self-obsessed? Selfies are proven to be a bad advance in photography, psychologists have studied human’s responses when we look at ourselves in the mirror. The first experience is self-consciousness, then comparison, how is this any different to looking into our front camera lens and snapping hundreds of selfies? In 2013 the term ‘SELFIE’ actually became an official word in the Oxenford dictionary. Has the 21st century become the age of narcissism, anxiety and…… the selfie stick? This argument will outline all the impacts selfies have a you.


Selfies pose privacy risks. Did you know that Facebook is now using face recognition technology? It alarming to think that facebook is viewing over 1 million of YOUR selfies every day, This is providing them with not only your selfies but valuable information for commercial and other types of exploitation. But on the other hand, law enforcements such as the FBI have full access to this data for identifying criminals and terrorists. But the new “Face print” may soon be in use for ATMs, credit card payments and even unlocking your iPhone.


Selfies can cause addiction, trying to get that perfectly lighted selfie for the viewing of over 1000 of your instagram followers or for your friends, friends, friend on Facebook? Don’t try too hard as they’ll call you self-obsessed. An extreme example of self/selfie-addiction is the story of Danny Bowman the teen who attempted to commit suicide after he could not take that perfect selfie after his 10 hour pursuit. His mother saved his life and he is learning to live without his iphone. Selfies are taking over our lives with over 1 million selfies uploaded to social media by self-obsessed teens. Although selfies are a problem maybe people are indulging in the new ways to share their selfies rather than the photos themselves.

Overall, opinions vary on whether selfie culture is lame or legit, which means its up to you to shape the future of the habit. Ask yourself, are selfies for fun or are you desperate for attention. The bottom line is everything you share on social media reveals something about you, and you are in control.

By Hannah Borrett


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