PIPER MCLEOD – Persuade Mrs Carty that mobile phones should be allowed to be used during school.

Dear Mrs Carty,

You may have noticed that most of the girls at Loreto College, almost always have a phone in their hand before and after school. The rules here at Loreto state that “if students do not need their phones or other devices for class activities in their subjects, it is recommended that they be secured in lockers”. I personally think that students should be allowed their phones with them and in use in classes and on breaks.

If children were allowed to use their phones during school, it would teach them as sense of responsibility and self-control. They should not be playing games or texting their friends during class, they could be either researching information about an assignment or downloading an app that may give you extra information that would be useful to their study. It also teaches students about self-control. For example, if their phone goes off in class and their friend has sent them a photo, they need to have the self-control to wait until after class to check their phone, not check in the middle of class when the teacher is talking or when they should be listening to important information.

Students having their phone on them during the day also will help in the case of an emergency, if a child has forgotten their shoes for HPE and it’s at the end of the day, they could use their phone to text or call their parents and ask if they may bring them if they aren’t too busy. In case of a more serious emergency, such as a lock down or a threat to the school, the children can get in contact with their worried parents and tell them what is going on and what will happen.

Having your phone with you in class is also very handy. For example, if the teacher has written a whole pile of notes on the board and the bell has rung and you need to get to your next class on time, you can take a photo of the notes or PowerPoint slides of the board. This will make a positive difference because you will have the notes that you need and you will also be on time for your next class.

Mobile phones in class are also a good way of setting reminders for you day, if you have a class that requires a certain paper or utensil then you can set a reminder on your phone the night before and it will remind you in the morning. It can also help you, if you are in the middle of and you suddenly remember that you either have something on that afternoon or have to go a certain place to get picked up, you can put a reminder in your phone to help you get somewhere and remember something.

With that said, I believe that the use of mobile phones for high school students should be allowed because as I have stated, it gives the students a sense of responsibility and self-control.


Yours Sincerely,

Piper McLeod


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