Charlotte Greer- Homework extension, extending students oppurtunities

Dear Miss Quinlan,

As a current year 9 student at Loreto College I would like to enforce the extension of homework on a weekly basis.  Students should not have to stress over stacks of unnecessary work weekly and nightly. After many student attempts to get rid of homework completely it has become extremely clear that it is not a choice, so the correct decision to argue about would be to have homework extension. Although homework is a stressful part of a students busy schedule it does help in some cases and that’s why it should not be completely gone but extended.

Every single day of the school week it is not a question that students receive stacks and stacks of homework from the teachers and all they ask for in return is a slight extension, so that they can simply take their time and do the homework well. I am sure the teachers have heard the saying ‘we do have a life outside of school’ but it is true, music, sports, speech and drama are 3 of many activities students participate in nearly every single afternoon. This minimises the time that is set for homework creating a stressful environment for not only the student but for their family as well. Studies suggest that too much homework can cause stress, depression and lower grades. The aim in class is to receive a high grade isn’t it? So why weigh down students opportunities to do so!

My next point is, it is crucial for children to get there daily exercise and sun in to keep us fit and healthy but what do we do in replace of that sit in front of a computer exactly like I am doing now. Seven long, hot, tyring hours of school is already enough time to learn all of the things we need to and on top of that homework is about an extra 2-3 hours. Our time at school is around the same time adults are at work for, and yet no one seems to understand that we are exhausted as well and can’t concentrate to do homework. In addition to, having a social and family life is one of the most important attributes to a child’s life. Many adults get angry when their work over spills into their social life’s and they aren’t able to go out but the same applies to us children and we should get the same respect! After school is the time for us to be pursuing are hobbies and socialising but it is too difficult when homework takes over.

I know that this is probably the 100th complaint you’ve received about homework and how bad it is, but the points that I have clearly stated are coming straight for the source and it is true. We want to have free time just as much as you do miss Quinlan. Let us achieve our outside of school goals so that in school we can do better!



Charlotte Greer


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