Chyka Steer- Can I Have an Extension?

Miss Quinlan, I have been ill for a week and I need an extension on my homework. Due to a chest infection, I have been bed ridden and have not completed my homework and assignments in several subjects. I was under strict instruction from my doctor to only rest and avoid school, physical activity, and homework. My medical certificate will give you all the instructions that I had to follow while I was away. To help remove the chest infection I was on prescription medicine causing me to feel drowsy and unable to complete the assigned work or conduct everyday activities.

As a teacher and once a student you know what it is like to fall behind in your studies and homework. I have five assignments and ten subjects of class work to catch up on throughout the week before exams which commence on the 18th of March. As a perfectionist yourself you could understand that I want to complete my work to the best of my ability and not do something half-hearted. When you were a student I am sure that you would have had a vital week away from school and missed important work. This overload of work has left me overwhelmed and needing extra time to complete what I have missed.

I’m not asking for the world all I want is an extension on my homework. I would be highly appreciated this extension. It will give me extra time to work on the blog post and focus on catching up on all of my school work. I hope that you can understand the situation that I am in and give me a helping hand.


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