Eliza Fitzgerald – Mobile Phones Should be Allowed in Schools

Dear Mrs Carty,

Every day before and after school, almost all girls of all grades are on their phones. The school rule is no phones in school hours (8:25-3:20), but I solely believe that this rule should be revoked, and phones should be permitted during school hours.

Phones are a fantastic way of communication, especially in a crisis or time of need. Say for instance, you left your sport bag at home and you had sport later that day. With a quick call to mum you have your bag and you are ready to participate. Or if you wanted to go to your friend’s house in the afternoon, you simply just send your mum a text and she knows where you are and that you are safe.

Phones can also be helpful to use in the classroom. If the teacher has written your homework up on the board and the bell has rung and you really need to get to your next class, instead of copying down the homework and being late you can simply take a photo of the homework, then go to your next class. They can also be helpful for use of the internet and apps that can assist you on your classwork.

They can also be used to help organise your day i.e. sending you reminders of different things happening that day, and even as alarms. For example, maybe during a study period you want to evenly distribute half your time to English and the other half to maths, you can simply set an alarm for 25 minutes and do your work, then when the alarm goes off, you do the next bit of work.

Mobile phones are more than just a device used for playing games, going on social media and taking pictures, they are helpful to all aspects of your life, especially your school life. These reasons and many more are why I think mobile phones should be allowed during school times.

Kind regards,

Eliza Fitzgerald


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