Maggie Thomas – Homework extension

Dear Miss Quinlan,


It has come to my attention that the current year 9 students are receiving too much homework in the time limit which is given. Most students are attending 10 different subjects and getting large amounts of homework for each one, making it very difficult to participate in extra – curricular activities. Managing to complete all assigned homework and have a life outside of school is a challenge in itself, let alone having to go to school the next day and give full attention during class time. It is said that children should have an hour each day of ‘outside time’, exercising, and being exposed to the sun. Children have to find a way home whether they walk, catch public transport, or are picked up, which can also take time out of their afternoon. By the time we sit down for homework we can only concentrate for approximately half of the time assigned for our work. Sleep is a very important part of our education, if we are up to late hours of the night completing homework than it will negatively affect our important lessons during school time.


It is important that we do keep up with the curriculum and I understand that completing homework is a huge part of that, however is physically draining kids really necessary? Simply with an extension, we can complete all of our required after school activities, keep up with our subjects, and get enough sleep to keep learning to our full potential.  With a reasonable time limit, we can manage to retain the information which we learnt and be less bombarded with stacks of study close to exams.  Our education could be at a major benefit with only one more day of extra work time.

Please think about this argument and our education. I trust that you will make the right decision for our futures and current lives.

Thank you,

Maggie Thomas



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