Sarah Stockley – Mobile Phones Should Be Allowed During School

Dear Mrs Carty,

It has come to my concern that we are not allowed to use our mobile phones during school. Mobile phones have recently become a requirement to most of students at Loreto, surely you would agree? Logically, you must realise that phones can be very useful at times. If we were allowed our phones on us, it would allow quick and easy access to text a parent on short notice. Lately, it has become more common for teachers to allow students to take photographs of the homework, rather than holding up the teacher at the end of a lesson by writing it down.

Noticeably, you seem to treasure safety. The majority of the students at Loreto keep their phones in their pockets, regardless of the rule about it, the students are not doing this to mess with your head, but for safety as most students don’t have lockers accessible in classrooms. The Year 9 Green locker rooms, for example, are right next to a set of stairs on the street. It is possible that anyone could walk in from the street and steal something, let alone someone from a class next door. Most students do not lock their locks anyway so why not let them have the right to mobiles phones during class?

Speaking on behalf of the whole school, students would be much happier if there were to be the allowance of mobile phones during class. The students would feel more ‘laid back’ rather than feeling stressed about having their mobile phones on them with the possibility of phone deduction or even detention. If you should take the time to reconsider your decision about no mobile phones during class, that would be remarkable.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter,

Thank you and regards,

Sarah Stockley



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