Madeleine Fee- Homework Extension

Dear Ms Jones

I am sorry to be troubling you but I have an important favour to ask of you. As you know it is exam time and I was deeply struggling with my maths exam. I have had tutoring all week and was so preoccupied by trying to just pass my exam that I completely ran out of time to complete my homework. If you would be so kind to grant me an extension on this homework I would greatly appreciate this. I can assure that the completion of this homework task will be absolutely amazing if given the opportunity to do so.  I know that a generous person like you wouldn’t hesitate at the chance to give one of your most hard working students an opportunity to redeem themselve. All I am asking for is a one day extension and I will promise that I will complete the homework. With this extension it will benefit not only my learning but my organisational skills. I understand if this is too much to ask and I am truly sorry for the in convince.


Madeleine Fee.


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