Natalya Byrne- Ban the uniform

Dear Mrs Hamilton

The Loreto uniform is by far one of the nicest looking uniforms in the Brisbane area. However Uniforms in general supress each student’s personality and stop us from expressing ourselves and make us feel as if we are just a herd of followers to afraid to speak out.

A lot of teachers have the argument that the uniforms keep everyone feeling equal and limits bullying. In my opinion this is just ignorance to what goes on at an all-girls high school. Girls will always find something to criticize, it may be your hair or the way you tied up your ribbon but I can assure you that this will never completely go away.

Uniforms actually make adolescent girls feel more self-conscious because now it isn’t a matter of I’m not wearing the same brand as you it becomes a matter of who wears it better. Let me assure you we all feel more comfortable and confident when we are wearing clothes that we want to wear.

You are constantly on the prowl to insure no girls are wearing makeup. If students feel comfortable and confident in what they are wearing they won’t feel the need to make their face look air brushed with perfectly contoured cheeks.

When we have our few opportunities to wear what we want on free dress days, students often wear clothes that you and other teachers do not approve of. There is a simple solution, my peers and I feel the need to wear what we think we look best in when we aren’t given the constant ability to wear something other than a blue pleated skirt. If we weren’t wearing a uniform 5 days a week every week for the next 4 years of our life students would probably be more compliant with your rules in hope that we all get to keep this privilege.

To summarise uniforms are supressing each student’s personality and is actually starting more conflict. Letting each student wear what they want would minimize many arguments and leave you with time to do something more worthwhile.

King Regards

Natalya Byrne


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