Gabby Jeffs- Mobile Phones Should be Allowed

Dear Mrs Carty,

As you know the policy for mobile phone use throughout the day they should be in our locker but I believe we should be allowed to use them throughout the day. Mobile phones can be used for so many things such as reminders, cameras, timers, recorders and in case of emergencies.

Surely you would agree that high school student’s need their mobile phones during school. In class times some teachers tell us to take out our phones to take a picture of a homework task or to take pictures around the school. If we need our phones during this type of lesson and clearly you see that we can’t leave our phones in our locker. During lunch breaks we may need to send a text message or call our parents to tell them something important. For example if we left something important at home we can text our parents and ask if they could drop it off for us. This allowing us to take part in the activity. So you would most likely agree that it is very important for us to keep our phones in our pocket.

Mobile phones during school should only be for educational purposes but having them during class would help if we need to quickly look something up on the internet instead of turning our computers on.  It would give us as students a sense of responsibility and control of not always being on our phones. They are more than just a small gadget that we can play games on or look at our social media but a helpful device that can be used for many things.

The school would be a much better place if we are allowed mobile phones during school hours.

I appreciate you reading this.

Sincerely, Gabby Jeffs


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