Chyka Steer- Social Media Could Cause Change

Social media could be used to improve the world but instead, people are not using it for posting a selfie. Because of social media, there is now connections in every corner of the world. Instead of hearing something on the news you now see it on your feed first.
Celebrities have millions of followers on social media and they have the power to create change but instead, they are just after likes. A perfect example of theses cowardly celebs is the Kardashians. They have millions of viewers from their reality TV show and millions more from social media but all they do is look pretty and don’t stand up for what they believe in. This family has more fame and confidence than most but they only use social media to break the internet.

Teens and children have a special way of creating change but only a few have. The most convenient way for teens to change the world is through social media. It doesn’t take long for something genius to go viral. The latest social media superstars are Jack and Daniel who became famous for saying ‘dam Daniel back at it again with those white vans.’ These US teenage boys have made it onto The Ellen Show because of a video, vans and good looks. Jack and Daniel haven’t done anything to improve the world but they are an example of how social media can have an imprint. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you look like your voice can be heard because of social media.

When there is a group movement in social media it is almost unstoppable to prevent their voice from being heard. Yes, social media could be used to change the world but there needs to be someone with power and a passionate voice leading the charge.


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