Piper McLeod – Social media for Social justice

Instead of condemning the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, critics are now praising users of social media for promoting social justice causes writes Piper McLeod.

Social media has recently been used for social justice, for example, social media is bringing together a group of students from the University of Toronto with young female scholars in Kenya who live in what has been called “the world’s largest refugee camp” and yes, it is effective, considering these people can achieve this through the power of social media is amazing. All because of social media, these people now have a very supportive environment for all those ladies to study and they love to learn about each other’s lives and how they live.

Social media has helped all types of feminism issues across the world, for instance, the pay gap of women of all backgrounds, as unequal as it is, race and ethnicity matter when it comes to women pay checks. Hispanic and Latina women face the worst disparity, getting paid only 54% of what white men get paid. If it was you getting paid that unequally, would you accept it? Or would you do something about it? Well social media has been helping these Hispanic and Latina women get an equal pay to the rest of the world by hash tagging #feminism and #womensrights and making people aware that this is happening and needs to stop right now.

Social media is also used to inform people from all over the world about the issues and inequality of child labour. It is estimated by the ILO (International Labour Union) that over 215 million children aged 5-17 are being used for child labour. With the help of app companies across the globe, there is now an app called aVOID, that tells you if the clothes you are purchasing have been associated with the exploitation of children. So far this app has made a difference to 1.2 million shop goers that are victims of buying clothes that have been child laboured.

Social media is an obvious part of our society today and it more than just funny cat videos and likes, it is a tool that is now being used for promoting social justice causes from all over the world.



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