Sarah Stockley – Social Media For Social Justice

Instead of condemning the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, critics are now praising users of social media for promoting social justice causes writes Sarah Stockley.

No one ever really talked about social justice before. But why now? Years ago, social justice was only sporadically talked about. Today, social justice issues are the only topics being talked about, thanks to social media.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have empowered teenagers and young adults to become more aware of current issues involving social justice. With hashtags including #BlackLivesMatter and #BeenRapedNeverReported, you could only hope that eventually problems and issues in our society will be changed. It’s up to the youths who are a part of social media to change our world, making it a better place in the future.

Chantelle Dumont shares her story about injustice, ‘My Ex – Husband Beat Me & He Won Full Custody of Our Daughter’. Chantelle tells us that escaping a domestic violence situation was the hardest thing she had ever done. “No one knew what my husband was doing to me,” she says, “he agreed to get a divorce and then asked me for him to have full custody over our daughter and for me to pay for child support.” With social media, Chantelle was able to share her story and have multiple support from people around the world.

It is absolutely shocking to know that people around the world today couldn’t care less about social justice and aren’t doing anything to minimise this issue. We can’t just leave this issue unresolved, do something now. You can help by donating to Proof, an organisation that brings people together and aim to engage the broader public in conversations about human rights, peace and justice through exhibits and workshops.

Do you want the world to be a better place in the future? I sure do.


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