Charlotte Greer- Social media, wait what? More like social justice!!!! <3

Social Media has taken the internet by storm and has become one of the main aspects of criticism. People continuously accuse it as being pointless and as an environment where people are able to post somewhat fake thing about themselves.  Only a small percentage of social media accounts are actually real and social media can be an extremely effective tool for creating social change, as well as social justice.

Social media platforms especially Instagram is extremely popular with over 3,000,000 active users. With this excessive amount of people using it, awareness’s are simple to spread. In 2015 when gay rights was a large topic in American politics, Instagram users were well informed and were able to support this by changing their profile status of a picture with coloured lines. All of the many users who did this showed great support and it raised awareness or gender equality. Another example was when the terrorist attack took place in Paris, to show support people also put there profile picture as a coloured lines to represent the French flag.

As a community living in the 21st century social media is a big part of our lives. It isn’t only about posting the absolute best of themselves it also consists of raising awareness for important events. By playing a small part in raising awareness you are personally helping the world and showing your support for the current issue.


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