Mikayla Turville – Hollywood’s Racial Diversity

The Hollywood industry noticeably lacks in racial diversity. Inequity was recently highlighted by notable Hollywood actor, Will Smith who stated that he will not be attending the Oscars because, quote “at this current time, we’re uncomfortable to stand there and say, ‘This is OK.’” Will smith had a problem with the lack of diversity among nominees.

Statistics show that Last year, nearly 75% of film characters were white, and only 17% of the top 100 films featured leads or co-stars who were not white. As quoted in thegaurian.com “The recently hacked Sony emails showed that senior executives actually enjoy making racist jokes about President Obama”. Due to so much controversy The Academy of Motion pictures decided to make radical changes to its voting requirements with an aim to increase the diversity of its membership.

It was proven that there is inequity in the Hollywood industry, this is evident in the statistics that show the amount of nominated coloured actors to white actors, taking into account the ratio of coloured actors to white actors. It it excellent that there is an open conversation about this issue


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